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Retirement Planning

You are looking forward to the days that you can retire, to do all the things you have planned and wanted to do for a long time.  You just need to answer a few questions.  Am I financially prepared?  Will I outlive my savings?  Explore how we can help you reach the retirement you want, or preserve your current retirement.

Building the Retirement You Want
Everyone has unique aspirations for their retirement. We start every relationship by making sure we have a clear understanding of where you are now and where you want to be, and what your goals are. Your total profile becomes the foundation for your tailored financial plan.

Know and Manage Retirement Cash Flow
It is a mind change from experiencing cash inflow before retirement to cash outflow after retirement.  One of the biggest challenges most people face in retirement is generating the regular income they need and preserving it for the rest of their lives.  We look at your income, expenses to understand how much you are spending now and how much you will need in the future.  We will also take into account inflation and taxes to construct the portfolio best suited for your situation.

Choosing a Social Security and Pension Payout Strategy
When should I take Social Security?  What’s the trade off?  There are several combinations of strategies for taking your Social Security benefit and creating a pension plan. Based on your situation we will lay out various scenarios so you can learn how to get the most value, well equipped with the knowledge to make the most intelligent decision.

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