Estate Planning

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Estate Planning

Using strategies to legally structure the disposition of your assets for the maximum benefit of those you leave behind, including careful planning to mitigate estate taxes.

A properly designed and executed estate plan can ensure that your assets and desires are carried out upon your demise. We can help you understand the legal and tax requirements of transferring wealth.

In addition, the estate planning process will address:
• Providing for the Surviving Spouse
• Education and Funding for Children and Grandchildren
• Philanthropic Goals, identify best strategies to maximize your opportunities and benefit society and leave a legacy
• Succession Planning of a Family Business
• Complexities of Family Relationships (i.e. Second Marriage, Divorce)
• Periodic review and updating of your estate planning documents.

Strategic Alliances to Wealth Management Related Professionals
We do not sell any products. We collaborating with our Expert Advisory Network, a hand-selected team of leading experts and/or credentialed CPAs, Estate and Trust attorneys, and Insurance professionals.  We strategize with this team  to help us identify where the biggest opportunities are to deliver maximum benefit. We address these most pressing needs first and then systematically address all aspects of your financial life over the course of our work together.

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